11th and 12th Grades

Are you interested in one of the STEM and Health Science Careers above?

Will you enroll in 9th grade at East Ridge High, Lake Minneola High, South Lake High or the Montverde Academy?
Do you currently have a 3.0 GPA (B or better) in 8th grade?

Are you interested in an accelerated high school curriculum that leads to an Associates in Arts degree?

​If you can answer yes to these four questions, the HSCA Four-Year progam is right high school program for you! 

While in 11th and 12th grades, students will enroll full-time at LSSC during the fall and spring semesters with the option to take courses over the summer. Students will be placed into smaller cohort groups based on their future career goals and placement test results. These classes have been aligned to high school diploma and future education program prerequisites. Students have the opportunity to each their Associates in Arts as well as two possible certificates depending on coursework completed.

HSCA students will have the opportunity to intern at local health facilitates. Our primary internship location is South Lake Hospital. In addition to working alongside health professionals, students will earn their CPR and First Aid certifications as well as participate in health simulation at LSSC. STEM students have the opportunity to enroll in additional coursework to enhance their STEM curriculum. These are typically special topics courses in chemistry, biology, and physics. 

9th and 10th Grades

HSCA Four-Year Program

Students will attend their South Lake area high school. You will be enrolled in two HSCA only high school courses: Executive Internship I (9th) and Voluntary Public Service (Fall 10th). During the spring of the 10th grade year, students will complete their first LSSC Dual Enrollment course at their high school (SLS1401). In addition to HSCA courses, students will enrolled in Biology, Chemistry, and World Language. You will learn more about courses at the HSCA Informational Meetings held before each application cycle.

In addition to the accelerated coursework, students will have the opportunity to take five field trips each year: three to LSSC and two at South Lake Hospital. This is where students will be able to interact with faculty and medical professional to become more familiar with college and health care settings. 

Are you curious about a STEM or Health Science career?