Here are the detailed steps to apply for admissions into the HSCA Four-Year Program:

Step 1: Attend an Information Session

Please plan to attend one of our informational sessions in January. Students currently in 8th grade at partner institutions (Lake County Schools & Montverde Academy) or Imagine South Lake Charter will receive a letter to their home address, and students will receive a reminder card at school. You will need to RSVP for the session you are interested in attending.

Step 3: Interviews

The HSCA will work with your middle school to set up a 15-minute group interview. The group interview is completed with 2-3 other applicants from your school. Students will be interviewed by 2-3 staff members from the HSCA partner institutions.

Step 2: Complete and submit the HSCA Admission Packet

The HSCA Admission Packet contains five parts: Admission Process and Agreement, a Writing Sample, a Report Card, two Teacher Recommendation forms, and the Honor Code.

  1. Admission Process and Agreement – explains the HSCA admission process and gives the HSCA permission to review the student’s files. The student and a parent/guardian must sign this form.
  2. Writing Sample – the student is to provide a writing sample about themselves and their goals as a future health sciences professional. This writing sample is to be verified by their 8th grade English teacher.
  3. 1st Semester Report Card – please include a copy of the December 2018 report card. This will allow the HSCA to verify academic progress and eligibility for the HSCA.
  4. Teacher Recommendations – please give a recommendation form to two current teachers or counselors at your school to complete on your behalf. The teachers will submit the recommendation to the middle school for submission to the HSCA.
  5. Honor Code – the student and a parent/guardian must read and sign the Honor Code.