Step 1: Attend an Information Session. 

Please plan to attend one of our informational sessions in February (below). Students currently in 10th grade at partner institutions (Lake County Schools and the Montverde Academy) will receive a HSCA Information Card at school to bring home and a mailer sent to your home address. 

We are sorry that we missed you at an Info Session. But, that's okay, you can still join the Two-Year Program. You can check out the PowerPoint Presentation. And, make sure to start Step 2. 

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                             HSCA Two-Year Program
                                      (11th-Grade Start)

The HSCA has a 2-year HSCA program! We are looking for a select group of motivated 10th graders to join the HSCA in the 11th grade and we've expanded. NOW FOR NORTH LAKE.

Beginning in the Fall 2018, ALL Lake County 10th grades have an opportunity to apply to the Two-Year program. So, are you interested in a career in the Health Sciences or thinking about exploring college-level STEM courses? If so, the HSCA program may be right for you!

Here are the application criteria for 2018:

  • Be a current 10th grade student
  • Have an interest in a career in the STEM or health sciences
  • Have earned a 3.0 unweighted Grade Point Average in high school
  • Be in good conduct standing or excellent behavioral standards
  • Have earned qualifying scores of the PERT (SAT or ACT accepted as well)

Can you meet the criteria by April 6th? If so, the HSCA Two-Year program is the right high school program for you! The admission process begins in February of your 10th-grade year by attending an information session. 

Here are the detailed steps to apply for admissions into the HSCA Two-Year Program:

Step 2: Sign Up and Complete PERT (Postsecondary Educational Readiness Test)

To qualify for dual enrollment, students must earn qualifying scores on the PERT. In February and March students should sign up for the PERT exams at their high school and study for the three-part test. Private school, virtual school, and home school students should send an email to the HSCA@LSSC.EDU to discuss PERT qualifying. 

Students must have qualifying scores to apply to the 11th-grade entry program. Current qualifying scores are:

Assessment Test

Minimum Score

PERT - Reading Skills  -  106

PERT - Writing Skills  -  103

PERT - Math Skills  -  114

Step 3: Complete and Submit the Application by April 6th:

Students will have received an application at the Info Nights. Once completed, the application should be submitted to your school counselor in the high school guidance office by April 6th. Private School, virtual school and home school students should contact us at HSCA@LSSC.EDU for specific procedures by April 6th.